Reasons Business Postcards Are Preferred for Marketing

Of all the available printed materials for business marketing campaigns, postcards are the most popular. A few decades ago, it was full size catalogs. Large clothing, toy, jewelry, and department store chains mailed a catalog to every door in the beginning of November every year. The purpose was to allow kids and shoppers time to browse the book, pick out what they wanted for the holidays, and decide what to get friends and family as gifts.

Two decades ago, the preferred mailing format was mini catalogs just thick enough to need a staple in the middle. This is still done by specialty stores that offer seasonal items, like fruit cakes, chocolates, gift baskets, and smoked sausage. These were cheaper to print and mail, but still got shoppers thinking about holiday spending.

The Preference for Postcards

Postcards became popular when direct mail marketing was so successful for local and small businesses. The format is cheap to print, but big enough to include a lot of information. Coupons, special offers, and exclusive sales can be advertised throughout a neighborhood for a minor investment. The return is high for the business.

Direct mail allows owners to select recipients based on regular postal routes, rather than needing to have a name and address for each recipient. It is ideal for attracting new customers, letting people know a new business is around the corner, and rewarding loyal customers. Owners can Order Cheap Postcards Online, and have the printing company deliver the finished postcards to the post office. They can choose postal routes, get discounted mailing rates, and arrange the entire campaign on one website.

Selecting a Printing Company

Not all companies offer direct mail services, so ask before placing a postcard order. If the company offers services, but does not have a partnership agreement with the US Post Office, rates for mailing will not be discounted. Go to for details on postcards, direct mailing, and all other business printing needs. The return on the investment will surprise most business owners. Postcards can also be used at trade shows, as a way to wish customers happy holidays, or as a bonus for leaving an email address on the website.

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